How to Make Your Clash of Clans Castle (CC) Unlurable?

Post On: 23 February 2017
February 23, 2017
How to Make Your Clash of Clans Castle (CC) Unlurable? –, A detail of game that could prove decisive in the Clan Wars is to have a clan castle (CC) where it is not possible to trick out For it to be 100% unlurable so be it go to: Inserting hogs that trigger CC as they run toward a defense. Inserting wallbreakers triggers CC when run against a wall. Inserting the goblins that triggers CC when run against a collector or detention. Here is John’s base that meets these points except at the WB. But there is teslor that will probably beat out the WB before they reach. If it becomes a problem that can be wall stretched a bit further on these two points. clans castle unlurable Here is another example of a Castle Clans (CC) unlurable TH8 base also is antihog: Clash of Clans TH8 Anti Hog-Base It is important that the clans castle (CC) is fully centered than clash of clans base townhall stands right in the middle. Experienced players avoid attacking the bases where the clash of clans castle cost time and men to take out. It makes the chances increase that a more inexperienced players, which may completely ignore the charging CC, attacking your base. Chances are also high that the attacker fails to bring out all troops and forced to make an attack anyway, and the output is then usually a loss or a significantly worse results.

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