Mechzilla Arena

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Mechzilla Arena

Half metal, half beast, all power with brutal fighting aura molded for battle! Welcome to Mechzilla Arena, the new 2 player game which presents epic battle among techno giants.Enter in close combat with other beasts where the battle obeys strange fighting rules under unique gameplay and strategy. The Mechzilla warriors knew various powers, attacks and special abilities. Your job is to prepare yourself for battle by choosing the perfect combo of weapons and skills, before you charge into battle. Compile the perfect list of attacks and defenses, and have fun defeating all mechzilla enemies!

Read First the Instructions to Play this Mechzilla Arena Game

Before the battle stars, you need to equip the warriors with weapons, attacks and abilities. Select Skills, Tactics and Weapons by pressing the corresponding control keys, or using the Mouse Left Click to click onto the required icon and change the current item.rnPlayer 1: (while customization) Use WASD keys, their Combinations, or Mouse Left Click, to browse and select items and attacks. In battle, use WASD (and their Combinations) to Move, Attack and Defend.rnPlayer 1: (while customization) Use Arrow keys, their Combinations, or Mouse Left Click, to browse and select items and attacks. In battle, use Arrow (and their Combinations) to Move, Attack and Defend.rnDuring battles, use Enter key to pause the game and open the game menu, and press Esc to quit to main menu.

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